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Four Ways That Digital Printing Helps the Environment

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It is becoming more and more important that everyone lowers their carbon footprint, and you have probably already made changes to your business to become more eco-friendly. You may want to make sure that your printing service is also kind to the environment. Fortunately, digital printing is a much greener method of printing than other methods. Here are some reasons why.

Efficient printers

Firstly, digital printers are much more efficient than traditional methods. Like everything else, printing uses energy. The more efficient the printer, the less energy it will use and the lower its carbon footprint will be. Digital printers tend to be faster and use less energy, so their impact on the environment will be smaller.

Less waste

Digital printing also leads to much less waste than traditional methods. For one thing, it saves a huge amount of water as this is not used in digital printing. It is also possible to reuse ink cartridges rather than discard them once they are empty, and when it is not possible to use them again, they can be recycled. Digital printing uses a lot less paper, as it is not necessary to print out numerous drafts of documents. They can be kept in electronic form until the design is agreed upon. Finally, there is no need to make metal plates for printing, which again saves on resources. All told, digital is a much less wasteful method.

Eco-friendly ink

Thirdly, the inks used in digital printing are less harmful. There is no need to use toxic and polluting chemicals in the printing process. Vegetable-based inks are available, which are not only less harmful to make, but they are also easier to remove from the paper in the recycling process. Digital printing also uses water-based coatings that are low in ammonia and are, therefore, less toxic than traditional methods.

Print on demand

Finally, the digital method can be used for small amounts of printing. There is no need to print a minimum amount, so excess printing is not carried out. This prevents a lot of wasted paper and other materials, and it also means that less of the finished product is discarded if it becomes dated.

The efficiencies of digital printing make it the ideal choice if you are concerned about your business's impact on the environment. Just call your local digital printing service today for more information on how printing can be an eco-friendly solution for your business.