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Workplace Notebooks Are Suitable For Any Workplace Environment

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There is a variety of different kinds of planning tools and printed notebooks available that are designed to be used in the workplace, from scheduling tasks and keeping track of shifts to improving work efficiency, ensuring OHS work practices are being followed, and minimizing hazards and accidents. Workplace notebooks include pre-start books and checklists, shift report notebooks, safety books, and hazard reports, as well as timesheets and statutory report books. Any of these books can be printed and supplied to suit any workplace or environment, including tough books that are specially made for construction and mining environments.

Services that specialise in the printing and supply of workplace notebooks use the most suitable materials for the type of notebook required and also offer a number of different options to suit different budgets. It is important that safety notebooks made for harsh work environments are durable and waterproof, yet also easy to write in. The synthetic paper that these notebooks are printed on will be waterproof and resistant to tearing. There are also the options of PVC pockets or covers for added protection and wire binding so the pages are held securely in the book.

All printed workplace notebooks, including shift report books and safety books, are designed to be easy to use, with a system that can be followed and completed regularly by all workers on site. Take 5 safety books should be referred to before proceeding with any task that may present a hazard, with guidelines in five steps to help workers identify and control a hazard before commencing work on the task. Similarly, hazard report books are essential for maintaining a record of all hazards so that they can be assessed and dealt with appropriately at a later date if it is not possible to do so immediately. Shift report books are also a good way of keeping a record of all workplace assignments, incidents, and personnel present per shift.

Workplace notebooks can be utilized in any industry and in all kinds of workplace environments, and they are compact so they will fit inside a pocket and can be carried around to be utilized on site whenever they are needed. These books are especially useful and cost-effective for performing on-the-spot safety assessments and for ensuring the implementation of good OHS procedures in the workplace. Made to be durable and long-lasting at an affordable price, all printed safety notebooks include integrated easy-to-follow instructions or handy forms and prompts, and they conform to workplace legislation and regulations.

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