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3 Vehicle Signage Design Tips

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If you've decided to add advertising decals or wraps to your van, then you need to balance impact and information. You want people to notice your vehicle's advertising as you drive around or park at jobs, but you also need to encourage them to hire you in the future.

So, you need to combine an effective design with robust information provision. How can you do this?

1. Make Contact Easy

It's tempting to just use an eye-catching design to get people's attention on a vehicle wrap. Or, you may view this space as an ideal way of using slogans and quotes to promote just how great your business is.

However, these shouldn't be your first or only aims with this kind of campaign. The big benefit of vehicle signage is that it makes people aware of your business. They don't need in-your-face designs and text to notice your van and what you do anyway.

What they need to remember most of all is details of how to contact you in the future. So, make sure that your name and phone number are prominent. If you have a website or social media accounts, then list them on the space.

2. Stick With Your Brand

Branding works across various marketing and advertising media; each piece connects to create a greater whole. It's important to design your vehicle signage so that it fits into your existing brand.

So, if you have a current logo or use a specific colour or font on your other advertising, then incorporate this on to your vehicle signage. This ties this advertising into your overall marketing impact. This all works to make people remember who you are.

If you don't do this, then you lose connections people make whenever they see your brand. For example, if you make your vehicle branding look too different, then people might not connect the dots. They may not realise that you are the company they see on different marketing platforms.

3. Appeal to Your Demographic

In a way, it doesn't matter how much you like your vehicle signage. What matters is how it appeals to your typical customer demographic. You should use your design to target this demographic to make your business appeal to them.

So, for example, if you mainly work with older customers, then they may feel more comfortable calling you if your signage projects a straightforward professional message. On the other hand, a younger customer base may relate more to bolder designs and messages.

Commercial sign companies are a valuable resource here. Their graphic designers understand how to make vehicle signage work effectively. To find out more, contact local printers.