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Considerations When Designing a Company Logo

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When starting a business, one of the most important considerations to make would be coming up with a brand identity that is memorable. Logos are one of the components that will represent your brand and help the public associate that representation with your business. However, a common mistake that business owners make is simply letting the graphics designer handle everything and not make any input as to how they would like their company logo to be. Since you will be using this logo to essentially brand your business, there are a few things that you should keep in mind.

Do not go overboard with the graphics design of the logo

When you create a logo for your business, it will not just be used in letterheads. It will be used for a myriad of applications such as business cards, marketing merchandise, company stationery, websites, social media and more. Therefore, you need to steer clear from a complex design that could get misrepresented with the varying resolutions and sizes that your logo will be. For instance, when the logo design needs to be small, intricate details may be lost or blurred, and this may affect its effectiveness. When consulting with your graphics designer, it is advisable to stick to bold and clear text that will relay the message despite the size or resolution of the logo.

Opt for vector logos

When it comes to logo creation, there are two types that you would have to choose from. The first is the image logo. As the names suggests, these comprise of images. Depending on the pixilation and resolution of the image, details may be lost during the printing process. This is why image logos are much better suited for larger placement such as on t-shirts, rather than on company merchandise. The second type of logo that you could consider is the vector logos. These logos comprise of graphics that can easily be resized by the designer. They are not dependent on the pixilation of the graphic itself. As such, vector logos can easily be scaled really low or really high in accordance to your preferences and specification without compromising the quality of your design.

Minimize on the colours of your logo

A common mistake people make when they require printing or graphics design services is trying to incorporate as many colours as they want into their logo. Having numerous colours on your logo will not make it stand out. Instead, it can make the design look haphazard. Additionally, the more colours, the more expensive it would be to print the logo design. As a rule of thumb, stick to a couple of colours so that your logo can stand out due to sufficient contrast between the various elements that it comprises of.

For the best  results, use these tips and work with an experienced graphic design company as you create your logo.