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Questions First Timers Ask About Online Printing

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If you are thinking about using an online printing service for the first time, you may have some questions you need answered before you submit your first order. So to ensure that you feel good about the process, here are the answers to some common questions first time users ask about online printing.

Do You Send A Proof After One Has Submitted Artwork For Business Cards? -- Yes, nearly every online printing company will send you a proof page that is a duplicate of the artwork that will appear on a business card. The reason a proof is necessary is that when you submit artwork to an online company, your images, fonts and text can sometimes become misaligned or corrupted, which can play havoc with the final product. A proof assures that every detail of your business card is exactly the way you want it. If you want to make changes, you can do so and request a final proof before the cards are printed.

What Type of Formats Do You Accept For Submitting Files, Documents and Pictures For Printwork? -- Although there are slight differences among online printing companies, most of them will ask that you send photos or images in either JPEG or JPG format, which is fairly standard. Many online printing companies also accept files or documents from most major design or word processing programs, but to be sure, check their website.

What Is Full Bleed Printing? -- Many online printing companies offer full bleed printing, which is a design option in which a document such as a flyer is printed to the edge without any margins or borders. If you are printing postcards, flyers or brochures, full bleed printing may be beneficial, because it eliminates the distractions of borders and margins, focusing a person's eyes on the text, graphics or images on a document. When you're designing for full bleed printing, you must make sure that you don't put any important information, including text, graphics or images in the safety margins, or they will be cut off during the full bleed printing process.

What Is Four Colour Process Printing? -- Four colour process printing is a service that online printing companies often offer graphic design companies. With four colour process printing, colour images are divided into four colour spheres through the use of digital software. The images you submit to an online printing company are printed on a printing press which uses four base colours--magenta, cyan, yellow and black--that replicate all the colour shades of the colour spectrum. Four colour process printing creates printed documents that have a distinct, rich colour that is brighter and richer than standard colour printing.