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Eco-Friendly Toner Options for Offices Attempting to Go Green

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Your business may have decided to go green and take on a more environmentally conscious viewpoint. With this in mind, things like moving to a paperless office system, cloud storage, and recycling may have been implemented. Unfortunately, one area that tends to be overlooked are printers and, specifically, printer toner options. If you are continuing efforts to create a green working environment, then consider these eco-friendly toner options for your office printers.

 Soy Ink

One of the methods that some toner companies have derived to offer a greener printing option is to switch to soy ink. Soy ink is derived from soy beans and plants rather than oil like most printer ink on the market. This offers a natural and sustainable option for ink resources that does not put toxins back in the environment. You can also find refillable options that allow you to reuse the same toner cartridge and simply refill with more soy ink.

Remanufactured Cartridges

Remanufactured cartridges take thrown away, recycled, or older cartridges that may be broken or damaged and remanufacture them to their original standards. These cartridges are then filled with ink and sold at a discount. This prevents the cartridge from landing in a landfill and allows you to save money when you purchase your toner, since the remanufactured option is offered at a discount. You can also sign-up with companies who may be offering this option as a way to cut costs even more.

 In these programs, you turn in your current broken or damaged cartridges for remanufacturing. They are repaired and sent back out to you so you aren't contributing to the carbon footprint or to landfills and waste. These cartridges are usually under a form of warranty as well for replacement or repair if something with the ink or the cartridge itself goes wrong.

Vegan Ink

One way to ensure that you are getting a green product or ink option is to choose a vegan rated ink. Vegan rated ink and toner options mean that the items used to manufacture the toner were derived from plants and natural resources only. This can ensure that you avoid a lot of the environmental issues such as toxins, oils, and chemicals that cause larger carbon footprints.

These are just three of the eco-friendly printer toner options you have available to you and your business. If you are serious about taking additional steps to going green, contact local printer toner providers to see if they offer green toner options.