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What to Consider When Buying a New Copier for the Office

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When in the market for a new copier for the office, you don't want price alone to be the determining factor when it comes to your decision. Many offices today demand much more from their copier than the ability to simply make a photocopy, and these machines today are often multi-functional and offer a wide range of features. They also typically need to communicate with your computers and with your internet network in order to perform certain functions. If you haven't shopped for a copier in many years, note the following considerations to keep in mind.

1. Scanning, email, and other communications

Many offices today are trying to become as paperless as possible, which means that a copier may need to be able to actually scan a document and then email the PDF copy to different addresses, rather than making actual copies. Be sure you look for this feature and note how many email addresses it can store and how much memory it offers for this function. If you have a law firm or accounting firm or other company that needs to scan very large documents at once, the memory and storage of your copier will become very important. You may also want to send documents to the copier right from your desktop, much like a printer; having a copier that offers this feature can eliminate the need for separate desktop printers in your office, reducing this expense and freeing up workspace as well.

2. Network compatibility

All of the features mentioned above mean that your copier needs to be compatible with your company's computer systems. In some cases it may even need to work with the networks of your largest clients or customers, if you want to send documents directly to them after scanning or copying. Most copiers will be compatible with common networks in use today, but be sure you check on its network compatibility before you purchase.

3. Purchasing options

Leasing a copier from a company like Copyworld may give you a tax deduction that is beneficial for your company financially, and can ensure that you always have the chance to update your copier every few years without having to sell off the old one. On the other hand, you may want to simply invest in the new machine and deduct the depreciation for it over the years. Note the purchasing options and how it would benefit your company financially rather than assuming an outright purchase is the best choice for you.