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How to Use Invoices to Promote Your Printing Business

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As competition becomes stiffer, it is important for every business to find easier ways to get more business from existing clients. This article discusses how you can use the invoices you send to existing clients to get them to buy more printing services from you.

Place an Offer Box on Your Invoice

Assuming a client made an order for his or her company's brochures; you delivered the order and are now following it with an invoice so that you can be paid. How can that invoice be used to get this client to buy more? You can place an offer box on a prominent part of the invoice (such as at the top right hand corner) in which you give the client a discount if he or she can buy a related product from you within a certain timeframe.

For instance, you can offer a 20 percent discount on any order of company calendars that the client makes within one month from the date of delivering that invoice. Such an offer box may prompt the client to place his or her order and your printing company will have more business without spending a lot on advertising.

Add an Invitation to a VIP Customer Event

Another way to promote your business printing business is to organise an exclusive event (such as a trip on a rented boat) for your customers. Send out invites to this event via each invoice you dispatch. Make sure that the invite spells out a timeframe within which the customer should confirm his or her attendance so that you can make the necessary arrangements. Use that event to make the customers feel special (special dinner, classy music, and so on) and they will reciprocate by buying printing services from you.

Attach a Mini Brochure

You can also inform a client about your other services by attaching a mini brochure to the invoice you send out. You can increase the likelihood that the client will read your mini brochure by using the offer box discussed earlier to highlight an offer detailed in the attached brochure. If the client is satisfied with the service you have so far given him or her, chances are high that letting him or her know what else you do will result in more business coming your way. For instance, the client may place an order for customised gift pens if he or she learns that you also have that service.

Use the tips above to deepen your business relationship with existing clients so that they buy more business printing services from you.